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 Where we started!

CHIMPONTEE was all kicked off with the vision to bring people who enjoy life life the best quality and relatable products around. We've spent a lifetime pulling together a collection of our favourites and hopefully yours too! 

What do we stock?

Anything that's useful or relatable... I guess that's not an amazing description so what we sell is Clothing, Electronics, Caps, Micro Drones, Phone Cases and much more! Go check out our collections here  

Where are we heading? 

The world is our oyster and we're planning on keeping the shutter doors open for a long time yet! Our long term ambition is to become one of the top E-Stores out there. You've got to dream big right! 

In the short to mid term we are continuing to serve our customers (and hopefully you) with great products at even better prices. We want to continue to add to our line of products in the coming months.

If there is anything you would like to see on the store or if you have any views on how we can improve the site feel free to get in touch with us here, after all it's you lovely people who keep us alive! 

With Love,



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